Get in touch with Janet to discuss your ideas to commission an original watercolour or oil painting.

The subject can be of the Alps, skiing and mountaineering or any other view.



St Martin Powder Day captures my memories of a perfect bluebird day in March 2019 when a friend and I were able to make fresh tracks in the wide off-piste area above St Martin in the Three Valleys. The image emerged over a number of months of dialogue during which Janet shared several sketches with me to ensure she understood and had captured the point of view that I wanted to achieve. I am delighted with the final result that is particularly powerful at the moment as I look forward to an eventual return to the Alps.

Philip Broadley UK  November 2020

“What a lovely experience it’s been to watch this painting come to life! We appreciated being a part of the process and eagerly anticipated each stage.  Your updates were prompt, filled with high quality graphics and your thoughtful narratives demystified the process. The final product was stunning – those blues are so vivid! We notice a new detail at every viewing and the painting will have a treasured place in our home.  Thank you for sharing your time and talent with us and for making an incredible adventure in the Alps come alive for us.”
Sarah Emily and Calen Colby USA
“We have two of Janet’s pictures and wish we had space for more.  They are so evocative and capture truly memorable times perfectly”
Stu and Fran UK


” I felt that, in common with other watercolours of yours, this one seems to capture a feeling I recognise, a kind of anticipation and excitement. It made me smile – what more can one ask?”

Thomas Smallwood Austria


“Jane (who is skiing in the birches in Japan) loves the movement and agrees it captures us both superbly. ”

(a surprise present commissioned for Jane)

David King UK